Resources (Culture Backup)

At Performing Arts Platform we offer a lot of resources for the performing arts field (also known as Culture Backup). 

We provide counseling and sparring, and you are welcome to contact Jens Christian Jensen at jcj(at), phone +45 30 53 10 35 and make an apointment.

The good application and budget
At this page you can can be inspired to make an application – and look at the budget, we use for making performances (budget only in Danish).

We have a list of good funding possibilities plus some links for databases. This section is all in Danish.

Teaterforening and standard regulations (vedtægter)
You can read about making a “teaterforening” and how standard regulations can look like. The page and examples are in Danish.

Here you can subscribe to our newsletter (only in Danish) and read all the former newsletters (also only in Danish)