CONNECTIONS (2017-2019) is a residency program for emerging professional choreographers based in Denmark in joint residencies with  choreographers based abroad. Throughout their joint program they commit to assist, push, inspire and challenge each other artistically – and to engage with the wider community; scholars, cultural life, business, creative entrepreneurship, educational institutions, etc. Performing Arts Platform’s mission is to facilitate meetings, make connections and create an inspiring framework for these interactions to take place. The participating artists are not expected to produce a finished work during their residency, but to develop material, seek inspiration and explore new methods and new collaborative opportunities across disciplines and across the region. Each group finishes their stay with a final sharing session that is open to the public. Check out our facebook page for information about up-coming CONNECTIONS events.
CONNECTIONS is supported by the Danish Arts Foundation, Central Denmark Region, Bikubenfonden and the City of Aarhus to contribute to a continuous vibrant and dynamic performing arts sector in the region.


August 28th – September 20th:
Amund Lindvang Bentsen (DK/SE) & Theresa Gustavsson (SE) along with Benjamin Skop (DK), Raffael Bender (Ger), Fredrika Burvall (SE) and Maria Huotari (FIN). The group is rooted in the hip hip styles Breaking and Popping and seeks to connect to our surroundings through dance. Their residency is the start of a journey exploring our sense of place in the world. “In a time of growing virtual space, we as dancers and movers of the physical world, want to investigate the value of the surroundings we inhabit and why it is important. These 3 weeks will be a dancing brainstorm of how the places around us can influence our dance. We will gain knowledge, create material, and open up perspectives of how to work actively with space, and the value of it”.
September 17th – October 11th
Sebastian Pickering (DK/CAN) & Iris Boer (NL). Sebastian and Iris have started a new collaboration and will use their residency to make interdisciplinary experiments between photography/still images and choreography/movements. They wish to explore the concepts of time and space; the captured image vs. the moving image and how each of the two triggers imagination – creating a reality of its own. “We wish to integrate the way a still image can spike the imagination of the viewer and play with the expectations of how a scene develops before, after and in between the images themselves. We wish to find out, how the original intentions, associations and atmospheres of photographs can be translated on to stage”.
October 8th – November 1st
Fabio Liberti (DK/IT) & Emanuele Rosa (IT). A newly established collaboration between choreographers/dancers Fabio Liberti (DK/IT) and Emanuele Rosa (IT). Fabio and Emanuele will use their residency to research, explore and create around a phenomenon called “Depersonalization” – a disturbing experience that can occur to anyone who is subject to temporary anxiety or stress. “One finds himself outside his own body and individuality. Two entities of the same existing person, unable to communicate between one another. Two different time frames, both caught in the void between past and present. The images hardly seem to belong to the same instant. Thoughts and acts elude the self and become unfamiliar. The project intends to investigate the out-of-the-body- experience through the body itself and explore it within space and time; but also to question the concept of personal unity that the individual identifies with. What if we are not one unit?”.


Information about this year’s Call for Proposals is still available here (for reference only): CONNECTIONS 2.0 open call
The Open Call for next year’s CONNECTIONS program will be announced here and on our facebook page in November/December 2018. So stay tuned! Subscribe to our newsletter or join us on facebook.


Performing Arts Platform is a network organization for the independent performing arts sector in Aarhus. We are not a production house nor a theatre but a platform that collaborates closely with the whole arts community – including theatres, production houses, creative entrepreneurs, business organizations, the university, independent artists etc. Performing Arts Platform brings people together, ensures and facilitates knowledge, reaches out and provides framework and visibility for the performing arts community in the region.
Awesome people, crew and expertise there, in touch with and facilitating the artist’s work and network – Birgitte Lundtoft, Augustine Collective
I loved the fact that in the end the project did not have to be ready yet. It gave freedom to try things that needed to be tried but would not have been if such a pressure was imposed from the very beginning – Noora Hannula, The Nordic Beasts
It was a huge privilege to have access to so great facilities and having enough time at hand without a pressure to put our findings into a specific format at the end of the residency – Johanne Merke, dance for plants
Great to meet with experts both from our field as well as another field – working in/with similar departure and interest points – Ayelet Yekutiel, Augustine Collective
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