CONNECTIONS  is a residency program for choreographic development and international exchange. CONNECTIONS was run by  Performing Arts Platform 2017-20 to strengthen the connections between up & coming professional choreographers from Denmark and abroad. Each program was individually designed to provide time and space for mutual artistic development, to create interaction between dance as an art form and other parts of society and to open up for future collaboration and production in Aarhus and Central Denmark Region.


1.1 THE NORDIC BEASTS: Noora Hannula (DK), Elín Signý Ragnarsdóttir (ISL), Sophia Mage (DK/USA) and 3D-animator Belinda Larsen (DK) developed choreographic material in the intersection between game-play, animation and dance. The material has since been further developed into the solo performance “Noora Hannula Vs. Soma The Augmented-Reality Girl ”. See more here.
1.2 AUGUSTINE COLLECTIVE: Birgitte Lundtoft (DK), Or Avishay (ISR), Clea Onori (CH), Marie Andersson (SE), Ayelet Yekutiel (ISR) and Amir Meyer (ISR) developed methods and material for the performance “My Piece” – a co-created work about ownership, co-creation and human’s relationship to things, body and identity. The material has since been further developed and premiered at Åbne Scene in Aarhus in the autumn of 2019. See more here.
1.3 DANCE FOR PLANTS: Snorre Jeppe Hansen (DK) og Loup Rivière (FR), Éloïse Dogustan (FR), Johanne Merke (DK), Katrine Staub (DK), Stella Faelli (FR) and Azahara Ubera Biedma (ES) were in residency to develop their artistic practice. dance for plants is a project – and a lifestyle – that explores and cultivates the relationship between humans and other forms of life. dance for plants are active in many different international forums with their practice. See more here.
2.1 STRETCHING ROOTS: Amund Bentsen (DK) and Theresa Gustavsson (SE) with Benjamin Skop (DK), Raffael Bender (DE), Maria Huotari (FIN) and Fredrika Burvall (SE). Rooted in Hip-hop and Street dance the group explored “Sense of Place”; how surroundings, places, spaces and moods affect our senses, bodies and movement patterns. The project resulted a.o. in a dance film at ARoS art museum that is available here.
2.2 ANORANGE COLLECTIVE: Sebastian Pickering (DK) and Iris Boer (NL)
explored how a still image can ignite the viewer’s imagination and play with expectations – and how it can be transferred to choreographic material. The material has since been further developed and produced for the touring performance “Shoot to Still”. See more here.
2.3 FABIO LIBERTI (DK/IT) & EMANUELE ROSA (IT) developed material for the performance “As if, I have missed myself”. The work explores the phenomenon of “Depersonalization” – a disturbing state in which body and mind seem to be out of sync. The project has since been co-produced by Bora Bora, where the piece will have its premiere 19th November 2020. See more here. 
3.1 THE FARMOR PROJECT: Marie Keiser-Nielsen (DK), Niels Plotard (FR) and Florinda Camilleri (MAL) were in residency with THE FARMOR PROJECT – a study of the feeling of “home” and the universal feeling of (be)longing. The project consisted of interviews and collection of material for a performance installation, which has since been shown in Malta in the spring of 2020. See more here. Photo: Niels Plotard.
3.2 VINTAGE DANCE: Annika Kompart (DK/DE) and Sara Fdili Alaoui (FR/MAR) with dancer/co-creator Aline Sánchez (DK/CU) were in residency to “collect” dances from different genres, cultures and traditions – and reuse them in new contexts. The project lives on as a community outreach and as knowledge stored in the three artists. Learn more about Saras work here. And learn more about Annikas work here.
3.3 FOR LUDWIG: Jernej Bizjak (DK/SLO), Joan van der Mast (NL), dramaturg Sara Zivkovic (SLO), Labanotationer Thomas Schallmann (DE) and sign language interpreter Camilla Røber (DK) developed material for a performance and a series of events on the occasion of the 250th anniversary of Beethoven’s birthday, that can also be experienced by deaf/hearing impaired people. The project has since been granted a co-production with Bora Bora, where the work will premiere in August 2021. See trailer here.
4.1 WHAT WE LEAVE BEHIND: Anna Stamp (DK) and Marilyn Daoust (CAN), with dancer Birgitte Lundtoft (DK), videographer Robin P. Gould (CAN), visual artist Audrée Lewka (CAN) and photographer Simon Beyer-Pedersen (DK). The project was a study of the traces we leave as human beings. Due to Covid-19 it took place as a “long-distance residency” between Aarhus and Montreal. Photo: Karine Bergeron/Circuit-Est Centre Chorégraphique


Performing Arts Platform is a network organization for the independent performing arts sector in Aarhus. We are not a production house nor a theatre but a platform that collaborates closely with the whole arts community – including theatres, production houses, creative entrepreneurs, business organizations, the university, independent artists etc. Performing Arts Platform brings people together, ensures and facilitates knowledge, reaches out and provides framework and visibility for the performing arts community in the region.
Each CONNECTIONS program was designed individually in close collaboration with the artists in residency. The residents were not expected to produce a finished work, but to develop material, seek inspiration, new methods and collaboration opportunities – preferably across disciplines and across the region.
“The availability of the team and the possibility of sharing and getting feedback from outside all the way through the residency were definitely helpful for the inner motivation. The work that Performing Arts does is of very high level. The respect and help for the artists and the art we do is absolutely stunning”. – Emanuele Rosa
“Awesome people, crew and expertise there, in touch with and facilitating the artist’s work and network” – Birgitte Lundtoft
“I loved the fact that in the end the project did not have to be ready yet. It gave freedom to try things that needed to be tried but would not have been if such a pressure was imposed from the very beginning” – Noora Hannula


Performing Artist and dramaturge Christine Fentz, dramaturge Tine Voss Ilum, performing artist Mette Aakjær, digital media artist Signe Klejs, dramaturge Barbara Simonsen, filmmaker Christoffer Brekne, dramaturge Anne Hübertz, dramaturge Inge Agnete Tarpgaard, sign language interpreter Camilla Røber Christensen, producer Sigrid Aakvik.
Marie Brolin, David Price and Black Box dancers Paulína Šmatláková, Mason Jubb, Erica Mulkern, Shawn Willis. Kristoffer Louis Andrup Pedersen, Aline Sánchez, Michelle Kranot, Jens Ardal, Ulla Gad and Unne Loa Jensen, Ditte Lyngkjær Pedersen, Helle Bach/Dadadans, Ernst Steen Hansen/Papagallo,  Toke Hage, Frederik Eberhardt, Kirstine Kyhl and Niels Bjerg/Wego, Rasmus B. Lunding, Labanotationer Thomas Schallmann, Marie Koldkjær Højlund, Elisabeth Gade, Eva Esmann Behrens and Ketaki Deshpande…
in addition to all the many people who have participated in morning briefings, sharings, classes, workshops and other activities during CONNECTIONS.
ARoS kunstmuseum
Black Box Dance Company, Holstebro
Bora Bora – Dance and Visual Theatre
Café Møllestien
Circuit-Est Centre Chorégraphique, Montreal
Delphini-1, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Aarhus University
Dome of Visions
Flux Factory, New York
Gobaad Somali Culture Association, Gellerup
Godsbanen/Åbne Scene
Institut for X
Innovation Lab
Information Science and Digital Design, Aarhus University
Kulturentreprenørerne/HEADROOM Festival
Moesgaard Museum
Olafur Eliasson Studio, Berlin
Peripeti – tidsskrift for dramaturgiske studier, Aarhus Universitet
Elderhome Thorsgården
REUSE – recycle station Aarhus
Secret Hotel, Mols
Studenterhus Aarhus
The Animation Workshop, Viborg
Vestjyllands Højskole
2017 Rethinkers


Rapport for Connections 1.0 i 2017 (8,2 MB)
Rapport for Connections 2.0 i 2018 (13,2 MB)
Rapport for Connections 3.0 i 2019 (8.1 MB)
Rapport for Connections 4.0 i 2020 (4 MB)


CONNECTIONS 2017-20 was realised with the generous support from the Danish Arts Foundation, Bikubenfonden, Central Denmark Region and the City of Aarhus.