In a cooperation with DATS – the Danish Amateur Theatre Association, Performing Arts Platform rents out lighting equipment.

It can be difficult to tour as an upcoming performing arts group – especially, if finances are tight. At the Platform we want to make it easier for local groups to tour, and have the chance to show their performances for new audiences. To make this happen, Performing Arts Platform collaborates with DATS – the Danish Amateur Theatre Association, about accessible theatre lighting for the touring upcoming artists.

Performing Arts Platform administers the renting of this affordable lighting equipment. The equipment is bought, and therefore owned, by DATS; you can collect the equipment at the Platform’s office in Aarhus.

The lighting equipment case contains a tripodfour LED-lamps and a small mixer. It weighs about 7 kg and can easily be taken on tour.

Renting-fee: 100 DKK per week.

Payment to DATS by MobilePay: 28 19 73 06

You can obtain an invoice by contacting Dorthe Jørgensen, email:

In case the equipment is damaged whilst in your care, the group will be liable.

Any profit made is used to purchase new lighting equipment for the upcoming artists.

For more information please write to Kasper Egelund at: