Bookings can be made at booking(at) // Alternatively, you can call 50873240  – but only, if you do not have internet access. Prior booking, please check availability in the calendar.

You will need to be a member of Performing Arts Platform in order to gain access to our booking facilities. In general, all bookings are based on an hourly rate of kr256.

However, a grant can be provided towards the rent of the premises. This specific funding opportunity is determined by the activity in question. Please be aware that there is a no-show booking fee on all bookings, and bookings made more than a month in advance cannot be cancelled.

Information needed in order to receive a possible grant:

  • Activity title.
  • Is the activity public or for invited guests/employees only.
  • Possible participation  fee /Possible employee expenses.
  • Is the activity research/development, training/courses/workshop, production/reproductions.


Booking cancellations  (if the booking is made less than a month in advance):

  • Research/development and training/courses/workshop. If cancelled same day by e-mail prior 9:00 am – no fee.
  • Production/reproduction bookings cannot be cancelled.


For further information about membership – read more

*The first six booking hours are included in a membership.


Stub 3

The office/the small studio can be booked between 5:00 pm -10:00 pm on week days and weekends, unless otherwise stated.
To made a booking for these premises please contact Performing Arts Platform at booking(at) These premises are suitable for minor rehearsals, readings, meetings, development seminars etc.
If necessary, screen connection and sound is available. There is also access to kitchen utensils and a coffee maker. 
Please check booking possibilities in the calendar (with reservations).


Stub 4

The studio can be booked  through performing Arts Platform on booking(at) .
Please check booking possibilities in the calendar below (2018) // Godsbanen’s booking system (2017)

NB: Godsbanen will be the booking administrator of Stub 4 from 1. January 2019. Read more 

The studio flooring is dance vinyl, so no shoes allowed. There is a sound system on the premises.

Please check booking possibilities in the calendar (with reservations).