Previous Projects

Previous projects

Operation Salomon – Inspiration for Body and Mind.

In 2017 Performing Arts Platform, Smag and Frontløberne present the project Operation Salomon.

The main goal of Operation Salomon is to create a space where direct and inclusive forms of communication flows freely through a range of creative collaborations between up-and-coming artists and entrepreneurs. Participants will be challenged to share their perspectives and topics of their choice – all in response to the digital culture, the political climate and social challenges that we face today.

With this project we wish to encourage up-and-coming artists to collaborate with new partners, whose work they may not be familiar with. Our hope is that new collaborations will foster experiments, cultural explosions and new forms of expressions.

Performing Arts Platform, Frontløberne and Smag have found six actors who will act as Salomons for each of their Operation. They will take the lead in creating six unique events that lies in the intersection between art forms, sensuousness and curiosity.

Operation Salomon has taken its name after the biblical King Salomon whose name means ‘peace’. According to legend, King Salomon possessed great wisdom, wealth and power. He was such a good and fair king that the adjective solomonic means “wise and just”.

Operation Salomon is created as a OFF Track2017-project in a collaboration between Smag, Frontløberne and Performing Arts Platform and is supported by Aarhus2017.

Operation Salomon consists of: Praak Performance, Pneumaticks under Project Respiration, Smag, Streetyogastyrelsen, Kontrast in collaboration with Herning Library and Kjeltringebal by Rasmus Sommer og Mads Aastrup.

OFF Track

As a part of Aarhus2017, OFF Track is a partnership-project with focus on up-and-coming artists and creative entrepreneurs. Through a wide range of activities for, about and with the up-and-coming artists, eight different actors aim to give them an opportunity to excel and develop – to reinforce their network and carry out their ideas.

This will be put into action via mentor schemes, awarding micro pools from Aarhus2017, and a number of 2017-projects that all support the up-and-coming artists.

The eight different actors who are part of OFF Track are:

Performing Arts Platform – Performing arts, dance and theatre

Culture Works – Art and street art

DGI Underground – Sports and street culture

Smag – Gastronomy

Promus – Music and lyric

Frontløberne – Creative entrepreneurship

Institut for X – Architecture and City Spaces

The Animation Workshop – Animation, film and cross-media.

Cooperating with Smag and Frontløberne, Performing Arts Platform produce a range of unique events in 2017. Here, the emerging actors will challenge each other and their audience: We are calling this Operation Salomon. You can read more about the project on The Platform’s homepage.

You can read more about OFF Track, their activities and projects at (link)