Coffee Meeting: 1-1,5 hour

Here you have the opportunity to pitch your idea/problem. We will have an informal conversation regarding overall options, potential partners, time schedule, fundraising strategy, the realizability of the idea/problem, artistic idea, core values and other matters.

We will clarify whether there is a need to take the idea/problem any further.


Evaluation and Development of a Project Outline 

No later than one week before our first meeting, you will need to submit a project outline and a budget estimate.

The Platform will go through the submitted material and prepare clarifying questions/ideas in regards to fundraising, collaborators etc.

We will then hold the first professional feedback meeting (1-1,5 hour), where we will clarify the next step in the process, such as participation in application workshops, additional professional feedback meetings, submission of application and contact to potential partners.

Finally, for our information, please forward application material, budget information etc. to the Platform.


Evaluation and Development of a Project Idea – Mentor 

An individual course of events, spanning up to a year, is planned. The course of events will be based on several feedback – and coaching meetings. You will be the initiator. You will update the mentor regularly. Based on these updates, the mentor will prepare for the next meeting. An average meeting lasts 1-1,5 hour and will be held at least once every 3 months.

Finally, the course is evaluated and any gained experience is shared with others.