Personal Membership

Benefits of Personal Membership:

Bookings: As a member you will gain booking access to our facilities. You will receive a key, thereby gainning full access to the booked facilities. As a member you are responsible for the use of the premises, the equipment and so forth. You therefore have to react immediately if you detect defects or shortcomings upon arrival. The key is your personal responsibility and must not be in the possession of others. It is further expected that the member is present at all times while the premises are in use.

Events: The Platform offers a range of activities throughout the year. As a member you will have the opportunity to sign up for these activities before non-members – at a reduced price. The cost for a personal membership is 350 DKK per annum and follows the calendar year. Organisations and institutions can also sign up for a membership – please email // call for further information: medlem(@) // +45 50873240

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