About Performing Arts Platform

Performing Arts Platform is Aarhus’ development and networking platform for the performing arts.

The platform brings together, facilitates and frames a strong cluster of performing art actors in and around Aarhus. Through the sharing and the communication of resources, skills and knowledge we generate development and support initiatives in the performing arts community.

Performing Arts Platform facilitates and focuses on innovative collaborations – both within the performing arts community and with other sectors.

The performing arts community in this context is defined as independent artists and groups, institutions, organizations and associations within the field of dance, theatre and performance – with a special focus on the independent actors.

Performing Arts Platform main focus is the local performing arts community, but we also maintain outreach to national and international perspectives. The overall aim is to create lengthy strategic collaborations as well as collaborations on project basis.

The platform connects a large number of people and organisations – from other art genres or other professional backgrounds – to the cluster, which acts in a supportive and co-creative sharing manner in regards to competences and resources.

Performing Arts Platform is supported by the City of Aarhus.

We are members of the international IETM network.



The founders of Performing Arts Platform:
Charlotte Mors (Danseværket) and Kasper Egelund (Aarhus Scenekunstcenter)

Performing Arts Platform – the story

Performing Arts Platform is an organisation built upon a significant realm of knowledge and more than 20 years of experience – experience gathered from Danseværket and Center for Performing Arts.

The Aarhus-based organisation, Danseværket, emerged in the 1980’s as a professional association (New Dance) for dance-actors in the City of Aarhus. Throughout the years, Danseværket worked in a facilitating, strategic and political sense. Thereby, the organisation was an essential collaborator for both dance artists and other dance actors in Aarhus.

The objectives were to strengthen and to promote professional dance, to stimulate and support the development of professional dance, and finally to contribute to the distribution and rooting of dance as a visible and accessible element in the cultural landscape of Aarhus. Initiatives that resulted in the following: Administrative and strategic counseling and support – facilitation of accessible facilities, training, artistic research and labs; professional meetings, larger conferences and seminars; dance platforms and dance festivals; encouragement of network and exchange – nationally and internationally.

Over the years Danseværket obtained a great range of experience and knowledge in relation to the local and international opportunities for dance actors in Aarhus. In regards to cultural politics, Danseværket also functioned as an active consultant in dance-related questions and fostered a productive dialogue with politicians and management – as well as other artistic and cultural communities in Aarhus.

Center for Performing Arts was founded in 2011 as a response to the 2007-report from the Theatre Think Tank. To ensure artistic professionalism at Godsbanen, Center for Performing Arts was situated there, alongside Aarhus Billedkunstcenter and Aarhus Litteraturcenter.

It’s location at Godsbanen resulted in developing collaborations – not only within the performing arts community, but also cross-artistic and cross-disciplinary. In addition to cooperation, Center for Performing Arts’ mission was also built around concepts of feedback and visibility.

The Center for Performing Arts therefore became a natural part of Godsbanen’s wish to develop cultural competences in relation to the performing artists. The focus was especially on up-and-coming artists, the Feedback initiative offered courses, supporting development of administrative structures and the creation of a space to let performing arts projects progress. To consolidate the performing arts, the concept of Visibility worked politically to create focus on sharing of knowledge in the related community. Moreover, the Theatre Award (“Teaterprisen”) and Audience Award (“Publikumprisen”) got established, in order to make the diversity of the performing arts visible to the public.

The Dance-evaluation from ultimo 2014 pointed out, that a merger between Danseværket and the Center for Performing Arts would be an apparent next step. Reorganizing Godsbanen primo 2016, the desire to maintain the presence of art professionalism changed. By then it became obvious to merge Danseværket and Center for Performing Arts and thereby keep on working to secure optimal settings for the cultural profession. And as a result of these developments, Performing Arts Platform was founded.