Performing Arts Platform has the pleasure of hosting Montreal-based choreographer Marilyn Daoust and Danish choreographer Anna Stamp Møller in a joint long-distance artistic residency taking place simultaneously in Montreal, Canada and Aarhus, Denmark from August 10th – 23rd.

Photos: Claus Rasmussen, Colin Earp-Larvergne


CONNECTIONS is a starting point for a new collaboration between Montreal based dance artist Marilyn Daoust and Denmark based dance artist Anna Stamp. Over the course of 2 weeks – and from a distance – they will research and explore WHAT WE LEAVE BEHIND (work title); the footprints, trails and traces we leave behind as human beings. Both in an abstract, poetic sense and in a concrete reality – in light of the climate changes we are facing. 
The long-distance residency unfolds simultaneously in Aarhus, where Anna Stamp Møller will be accompanied by Danish dancer Birgitte Lundtoft and in Montreal where Marilyn Daoust will be in the great company of visual artist Audrée Lewka and videographer Robin P. Gould who will follow and capture the process.
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CONNECTIONS is a resource provided by Performing Arts Platform in 2017-20 to connect fellow artists in order to create, share artistic practice and explore the potential for future collaboration and production in Aarhus/Central Denmark Region. The program is open to emerging professional choreographers based in Denmark in a joint residency with an international counterpart. Throughout their joint residency they commit to assist, push, inspire and challenge each other artistically – and to engage with the wider community. The CONNECTIONS program offers studio research time, networking opportunities and access to relevant local mentors or sparring partners (e.g. within the arts field or within production, creative entrepreneurship, management, the sciences or other interdisciplinary fields). The selected choreographers are not expected to produce finished work. However, at the end of their program they will conduct a joint session at a public sharing; a work demo, an improvisation, a site specific ‘walk & talk’ or any other format suitable to the work at hand.


Performing Arts Platform is a network organization for the independent performing arts sector in Aarhus. We are not a production house nor a theatre but a platform that collaborates closely with the whole arts community – including theatres, production houses, creative entrepreneurs, business organizations, the university, independent artists etc. Performing Arts Platform brings people together, ensures and facilitates knowledge, reaches out and provides framework and visibility for the performing arts community in the region.
CONNECTIONS 4.0 is part of a strategic project (2017-2020) supported by the Danish Arts Foundation, Central Denmark Region, Bikubenfonden and the City of Aarhus to contribute to a continuous vibrant and dynamic performing arts sector in the region.


The availability of the team and the possibility of sharing and getting feedback from outside all the way through the residency were definitely helpful for the inner motivation. The work that Performing Arts does is of very high level. The respect and help for the artists and the art we do is absolutely stunning. – Emanuele Rosa
Awesome people, crew and expertise there, in touch with and facilitating the artist’s work and network – Birgitte Lundtoft, Augustine Collective
I loved the fact that in the end the project did not have to be ready yet. It gave freedom to try things that needed to be tried but would not have been if such a pressure was imposed from the very beginning – Noora Hannula, The Nordic Beasts
A genuine interest in the arts without any entertaining demands from the audience or any member of the community. I would not only be inclined but I deeply hope to present my work in Aarhus in the future. – Fabio Liberti
I feel inspired, because it seems that there is space, support and sources for individual artists to establish, to develop and be. -Annika Kompart.
I felt really welcomed into the community both by the Performing Arts Platform but also by the openness and connections within the bigger community as such – Theresa Gustavsson


Report from Connections 1.0 in 2017 (8,2 MB)
Report from Connections 2.0 in 2018 (13,2 MB)

Report from Connections 3.0 in 2019 (8.1 MB)


Performing Arts Platform is based in Aarhus with an outreach to the rest of Central Denmark Region. Artists in residency are strongly encouraged to engage with relevant partners in the whole region. Partners and collaborators include a.o Secret Hotel/Christine Fentz, Mette Aakjær/Wunderland, Digital Media Artist Signe Klejs, Historian Doron Haahr/, Visual Artist Christoffer Brekne, Theatre Seachange/Barbara Simonsen, Black Box Dance Company in Holstebro, ARoS Aarhus Art Museum, The Animation Workshop, Innovation Lab/CEO Mads Thimmer, Bora Bora – Dance & Visual Theatre, HeadRoom at Aarhus Festuge, REUSE, DOKK1 public Library, Aarhus University Department of Physics and Astronomy, The Music Conservatory and more.
CONNECTIONS is supported 2017-20 by the Danish Arts Foundation, Central Denmark Region, Bikubenfonden and the City of Aarhus to contribute to a continuous vibrant and dynamic performing arts sector in the region.
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